About Jewels

After developing a retail concept for customized natural perfume sales in the UK, Julie Solheim-Roe founded Out of the Blue as the US distribution agency for Fragrant Earth products in 2008.

Working closely with Master Perfumer and Founder of Fragrant Earth International, Jan Kusmirek, and Managing Director Shirley Routley, Jewels represented and developed special relationships in London for prestigious spa brands ‘Aroma Therapeutics London’ and ‘About Face’ for men. 

Now back in Los Angeles, Jewels and her team are uniquely qualified to present the wonderful new brands from Fragrant Earth -- specifically the new Style Aroma line -- and the luxurious and sensual skin care line for women, Osciem.

About Fragrant Earth

Leaders in the Floral Awakening, we offer green and eco ‘scentuous’ products with an unique twist. Serious Scientific Art based on 40 years of research by Fragrant Earth. A little bit of a sleeper brand in the US but known world wide by the international wellness and aromatherapy communities. These lines are very successful in Europe and Asia - and 'out of the blue' has the privilege of launching them in the US. This is Sensism. 

Fragrant Earth has several substantial product ranges meant for the health store, savvy eco spa or boutique, athletic club and service professionals in the wellness community. We carry them all!

We are highlighting six stellar alchemical blends to help get our US market familiar with what is possible:
⁃ Glastonbury ‘O’ - the original eau de cologne developed 300 years ago and worn by Napolean and
⁃ High Altitude Lavender & Alpine Lavender & Lavender comparative pack - the former grows in the wild only in the hills of Provence, France. Shown by Kirlian photography to have the most Potent life force of any living plant!
⁃ Refining Radiance serum by Ościem - truly the finest serum for ageing skin, combining a secret alchemical scentual beauty blend with rare ingredients from the South Seas ; 
⁃ Black Pearl Masque by Ościem - another fine product made from Tahitian smells and rare plant extracts including rare ground black pearls.  
⁃ Muscle & Dance Spritz & Massage Oil by Style Aroma - improved blend used by the British Cricket Team and many professional athletes. With Pink Pepper, Arnica, High Altitude Lavender, … 
⁃ Sleep Drift by Style Aroma - formerly 'Sleep Enhancer' by Aroma Therapeutics London. Available on British Air First Class 8 years in a row which created an international following of ‘jet setters’ interested in natural therapies for the stress of travel. Formerly available at Harrods. Improved blend as of 2012.