The market for Natural Skin Care is flooded with big name and big budget brands. So what is Ościem and why is it different? Why should a retailer stock Ościem and why should a woman use our range of products?

The Doctrine of Sensism

Our skin is our protective shield and interface with the world. It is alive, active and full of sensors that speak of comfort and well being or irritation and discomfort. Through the use of our five senses we obtain our knowledge of the world around us.

Our skin is a reflection of our age and health and it is the first to show when either decline. Our skin shows our emotions. Our skin disposes of waste and toxins. These are factors a good skin care product should address and Ościem does just that. (Read more about Sensism.)

Biology and Function

Ościem addresses the biology and function of the skin, it’s cellular reproduction and it’s micro-environment along with the bioavailability and compatibility of ingredients used.  These come first. Skin care comes first.

Skin care is the priority for Ościem not fads or fashion but function and intelligence in skin care. Care is about growth and sustenance not miracles and instant difference with consequent problems.  Certainly other issues are important such as natural versus synthetic and whether this or that ingredient or packaging profile is good or bad. But Ościem concentrates on what it has in it and what it may do, not what it does not have which latter approach blurs consumer vision from examining proper values. Of course Ościem subscribes to naturalness and organic production where this provides the right ingredients that work. Ościem presentation proclaims its highest value yet is simple, practical, informative and efficient withoutover packaging. These are the principles of Ościem.

Skin Care that Satisfies the Senses

Flavonoids extracted from Argantree leaves to inhibit enzymes that break down collagen, strengthening the supporting structure of the skin and a solution to premature aging.

A biotech filtrate of bacteria that, in synergy with lipopeptides, contribute to the stimulation of dermal collagen synthesis, so providing tone and firmness to sagging skin.

Black tea ferment that enhances skin colour tone and radiance and accelerating natural cell renewal and lightening pigmentation.

Sphingolipids in liposomal bilayerswith vegetal hyaluronic acid as a super moisturizer. Ectoin a natural cell protecting factor protecting the skin immune system promoting heat shock proteins and protective against photo-aging.

Long term moisturisation from the desert plant Myrothamnus flabellifolia protecting skin against extreme conditions including the drying over heated or air conditioned office.

A tetrapeptide to optimally organise collagen fibers as well as boosting collagen synthesis providing a firmer skin.

Sulfate free wash active substances and milk whey proteins with sugar esters to cleanse and purify without harshness while providing effective moisturization and soothing properties.

And many more surprises allcombined in synergy to be bioavailable and active to support and promote a healthy radiant skin - the real sign of beauty.  Ościem.


The motivation is Intelligent Skin Care from Nature. Care that our skin accepts and transforms to skin wellbeing and health so minimising the signs of ageing whilst enhancing radiance and balance. Ościem naturally supports skin function and satisfies the sense of touch with special textures. Fragrances contribute through our sense of smell to mood and satisfaction. Ościem motivates a complexity of dynamics that moisturises a dry skin or balances an oil prone skin or even cleanses impurities. Ościem creates the environment for the harmony of the senses. 

Ościem is a powerful package created to satisfy the senses and promote and sustain good skincare that will beautify and enhance femininity as well as limiting the signs of ageing