What is Style Aroma?

Style Aroma is a new line of easy-to-use, stylish, active aroma products to carry anywhere and use anytime to improve life, lifestyle and the personal environment.

Packaged for handbag or pocket in light weight containers, we make a range of natural, active fragrances and colognes in black or acid etched bottles.

A Bit of Biology

Our sense of smell is our fastest sense. It is overlooked as we mostly rely consciously on sight and sound.

Behind the scenes, our nose is always scenting and determining moods and feelings, sending messages to the part of our brain that determines our comfort, pleasure, imagination and fears. Our sense of smell alone is powerful enough to stimulate or slow us down, wake us up or put us to sleep!

Using the power of carefully blended aromatic fragrance, you can enhance your well being and change the world around you.

Who should use Style Aroma?

Businessmen and women, professional people, sports men and women, students and home bodies can all join in this modern way to make for a better lifestyle using the empowering scents and fragrances of nature.


Let the smell of trees, flowers, leaves and roots, the smell of nature herself refresh and rejuvenate you in a modern world of concrete, steel and glass.

Aromatic Essential Oils make for a better personal, work, travel or home ambience to unwind switch on or sweet dreaming.


What is different about StyleAroma?

First it uniquely uses only active aromas created from the finest potent and dynamic essential oils from the famous house of Fragrant Earth, world leaders in aromatic compounds for over thirty years. Fragrant Earth is the guarantee of quality. Next Style Aroma brings the art of creative perfuming to the world of aromatics. Gone are the days of crude, raucous aromatherapy oils, these new style modern compositions are truly mastered to be aromatic, beautiful and harmonious.


Packaging reflects the modernity and first class position of StyleAroma

Sophisticated: traditional Black and Tan colours reflect the luxury of high end leather goods. Each

application is colour coded using young, consumer chosen shades, reflecting the mode and

atmosphere of each application.


Each colour is embedded in a sun wheel linking all Fragrant Earth products such as Ocśiem

to the origin of nature’s essential oils – sunlight!