The Menopause

The Menopause

" ..... Just a little science would suggest that the female hormonal system is influenced by the hypothalamus.  The hypothalamus is heavily influenced by smell and smell triggers a variety of hormonal activities.  This is one of the reasons why Aromatherapy works.  So, yes it is possible to change body function by small alone.  Incredible but true.

Other herbs that contain substances that are useful at this change of life are Sage, Calendula, Fennel, Gin Seng and even Liquorice.  Even some foods contain hormone like substances.  For example celery, products that contain Soya, even oats.  Some people have found that supplementing their diet with Evening Primrose oil or Borage oil has been of value.  These oils contribute valuable essential fatty acids which once utilised by the body have beneficial effects upon our nervous system, perhaps our behaviour or view of the world, often dismissed as of no consequence by sterile orthodox medicine.   ... "

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'Smell is fundamental to effect.'

"Fragrant Earth was conceived as a moral challenge not a simple business. Knowing the Organic world and organic farmers and cooperatives around the world, Jan Kuśmirek developed new supply lines of near to nature organic and wild materials made available only through Fragrant Earth. Fragrant Earth was the first company to promote organic essential oils. His view was that if “you really believe in or espouse the ideas of vitalism then reconstructed or rectified materials were not for you”, it was a challenge to the therapist; ethics or money first. True industrialised essential oils were and are cheap and yes Fragrant Earth soon became known as high priced but they also took the highly prized accolade of the highest quality and became the bench mark world wide of the ‘best’ for Aromatherapy.

"For Fragrant Earth the most important value of the essential oil was its smell, impact of aroma or life vitality. This was and still is their dominant strength. Smell is fundamental to effect. "

from '30 Years of Fragrant Earth' 

Jan Kuśmirek talks about Lavender and Aromatherapy. Part 1 of 2

Fragrant Earth International. Jan Kuśmirek talks about Lavender and aromatherapy as well as the different types of quality regarding Lavender, aromatherapy.


LAVENDER Lavandula angustifolia, hybrid


Lavender oils are distilled from the blue flowering spikes of the Lavender bush, just before opening. The plant is widely cultivated in Europe and a hybrid called Lavendin grows wild in the Mediterranean area. The Lavender plant has been used in medicine since ancient times, and was introduced to England by the Romans. It has long been known as an antiseptic and an insecticide, and was known for its skin healing properties. Lavender oil is invaluable in a home first aid kit, particularly for insect stings, cuts and burns. It is the first choice for insomnia and anxiety, and also boosts the immune system. It is also, of course, a popular constituent of perfumes and cosmetic products. 

STYLE AROMA Origins and Facts. by Jan Kuśmirek

STYLE AROMA Origins and Facts. by Jan Kuśmirek

Sensism is more than Aromatherapy. Style Aroma is a stage beyond salon style Aromatherapy. It is not in the realm of Perfume or Medicine. Style Aroma is the world of sensational active aromas. Essential oils that touch the psyche not the body!

Sensism is a word used in a seminal lecture by Jan Kuśmirek to an informed audience of professional therapist drawn from many disciplines during 2006 in England. Sensism then a study at Universities is defined as the Ethical Doctrine that feeling is the only criteria for what is good. This brings into play the need to consider what feelings and emotions are and their origins. Sensism is embedded in all the Style Aroma products. 

The term Sensism is in current use by scientists anxious to improve our well-being and conscious of the need to address the needs of the human as a multi-sensory being in need of stimulation in a modern sterile world. Style Aroma has adopted this word as its central concept. 

Style Aroma is designed to bring about well-being. All the Style Aroma products in the range have the same direction or ambition – to bring about balance or harmony on a mental, physical and spiritual level in order to promote and maintain well-being. 

The key to the range is the reliance upon aromas - active aromas; manifest by the reliance upon the very best essential oils to scent the products. Sensational products because they appeal to and motivate our senses. 

Essential oils have been treasured for millennia for the scent they provide and for the properties within the scent. Increasingly people, both lay and professional, are linking well-being with the need to make comfortable the three aspects of self 

Mind        Body       Spirit

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The Vitalism of Essential Oils

"Jan Smuts defined holism as "The tendency in nature to form wholes that are greater than the sum of their parts,” and this along with orthodox Physics itself aligned with the alternative Naturopathy has been the driving philosophy of Jan Kuśmirek and eventually Fragrant Earth. It is this philosophy which has made Fragrant Earth stand out from the crowd and provide a completely different approach to common oil sellers. Naturopathy is a type of alternative medicine based on a belief in vitalism, meaning a vital energy or vital force maintains bodily processes such as metabolism, reproduction, growth and adaptation. Naturopathy therefore favours a holistic approach with non-invasive treatment by encouraging minimal use of orthodox medicine. This vital force is common to all living entities including plant life. "

from '30 Years of Fragrant Earth' 



Migraine Remedies suggested by Fragrant Earth

"A relaxing bath with Linden Flower helps with nervous tension. It is useful as a treatment in some forms of migraine applied as a warm or cold compress appropriately."  (from 30 Years of Fragrant Earth)

Recommended Essential Oils for Migraine Symptoms: Chamomile, Clary Sage, *Lavender, *Marjoram, *Peppermint, *Rosemary.    How to Use: Bath; massage head and neck; inhalation; room fragrance/diffuser (from Aromatherapy for Everyone)

Out of the Blue comes Fragrant Earth USA

Leaders in the Floral Awakening, we offer green and eco ‘scentuous’ products with an unique twist.  Serious Scientific Art based on 40 years of research by Fragrant Earth.  A little bit of a sleeper brand in the US but known world wide by the international wellness and aromatherapy communities.  These lines are very successful in Europe and Asia - and 'Out of the Blue' has the privilege of launching them in the US.  This is Sensism.

Jewels Solheim-Roe founded ‘Out of the Blue’ as a distribution agency in the US in 2008 after returning from a rich experience developing her customized natural perfume concept in the UK for over 5 years.  

After working closely with Master Perfumer Jan Kusmirek, Founder of Fragrant Earth International and the wonderful brains of Fragrant Earth's Managing Director Shirley Routley, Jewels spent some time representing and developing special relationships in London for their prestigious spa brands ‘Aroma Therapeutics London’ and ‘About Face’ for men.  

Presently based in Topanga Canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains in NorthWest above Los Angeles, Jewels and her team are uniquely qualified to present many wonderful new quality eco chic brands from Fragrant Earth:  Style Aroma spa aromatherapy blends;  the totally unique, luxurious and sensual skin care line for women, Ościem;  and a very interesting fresh new line for 'todays bio kids'.