'Smell is fundamental to effect.'

"Fragrant Earth was conceived as a moral challenge not a simple business. Knowing the Organic world and organic farmers and cooperatives around the world, Jan Kuśmirek developed new supply lines of near to nature organic and wild materials made available only through Fragrant Earth. Fragrant Earth was the first company to promote organic essential oils. His view was that if “you really believe in or espouse the ideas of vitalism then reconstructed or rectified materials were not for you”, it was a challenge to the therapist; ethics or money first. True industrialised essential oils were and are cheap and yes Fragrant Earth soon became known as high priced but they also took the highly prized accolade of the highest quality and became the bench mark world wide of the ‘best’ for Aromatherapy.

"For Fragrant Earth the most important value of the essential oil was its smell, impact of aroma or life vitality. This was and still is their dominant strength. Smell is fundamental to effect. "

from '30 Years of Fragrant Earth'