Sensism and Style Aroma

Sensism and Style Aroma

We each have according to psychologists nine intelligence's, each has a name but conventionally and collectively they are known as the emotional intelligence's. These are fed by our five senses now known as VAKOG, visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory, and gustatory. We concentrate on the O but not diminishing the other three. Hence the smart, chic and fashion conscious presentation and packaging of Style Aroma. It is visually satisfying – familiar and aspirational. It simply looks like it is good and enjoyable and intriguing to purchase. Ancient symbols and careful colouring subtly catch at our latent memory our subconscious.

Style Aroma stimulates our senses. This is what it does in simplicity.

The most powerful sense linked to emotion is the sense of smell. Half of our brain is dedicated to what we see but more of our genes are dedicated to odour than any other kind of sensory input. Smell in our very make up then and must play a bigger role than we realize.

We are now in the 21st century and scent is becoming more valued as its role determined by its connectivity to emotional well-being is becoming better known. Even companies want signature scents. People too want a signature scent or more variety, not just old favourites. This is seen especially for young men and the growth of personal fragrance and body sprays has been a main pursuit of perfume companies in many markets from Brazil to India. Fragrance is fashionable!

Style Aroma based upon the infinite experience of Fragrant Earth International together with Jan Kuśmirek have created a range of active aromas to satisfy the senses.

Style Aroma products may be played with and toyed with by the nose as it seeks out the many shades and colours of aroma. The fragrant mist should be applied to pulse points and also to energy centres like the soles of feet, base of spine and abdomen and throat. Perhaps following the ancient charka points would be a good way.