Lustring Serum

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Lustring Serum

The translucent cognac coloured serum relies on a variety of materials all aiming to brighten the complexion. Natural skin colours vary around the world according to genetic profile and sun exposure. Pigmentation can increase with age and seen as liver or age spots and some people are prone to the charm of freckles. Ościem Lustring Serum makes for a milk and cream complexion.

Ościem Lustring Serum aims to stimulate enzymes which increases cellular turnover with protection of the new cells and their membranes from free radical damage. New melanin is colourless, only when oxidised by free radicals does it turn brown. There follows a reduction in melanin synthesis when using Ościem Lustring Serum applied nightly under a speciality cream.

White daisies not only look attractive but have gentle properties that make for a brighter lighter skin tone. Age spots are the result of surplus melanin production and are intensified by sunlight. An effective product must make differences to the variety of stages of melanin production i.e. prior, during and after melanin production. Daisies contain a variety of saponins, polyphenols and polysaccharides which mediate to brighten skin tone.

Easy to use and derived from natural algae and plant extracts this active product will appeal to all those who wish to manage their skin tone or those who suffer from hyperpigmentation. A desirable dairymaid complexion can be achieved, traditional English Rose with the texture of milk and Cornish cream.

The serum incorporates special touch enhancers and excludes irritating substances. Gentle use with the sensorial touch expected from Ościem.

Our skin is among the most intimate components of our identity and should be cared for and occasionally pampered. Good skincare cosmetics are like second skins and have an intimate relationship with ourselves. Use Ościem like a toolkit to your advantage.

Ościem believes that beauty may not be an inherent reality – it is in the eye of the beholder. The beholder can be others or our self. Beauty is less a question of perfect skin as a perception. Our emotions therefore play a part in skin care. Emotions are chemistry too and beauty emerges like alchemy from a feeling of looking beautiful. So enjoy the pleasure of Ościem for that is what it is designed for – to give pleasure and beauty.

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