Refining Radiance Essence


Refining Radiance Essence


The serum with all the effects of lipofilling without surgery ~ containing a natural fermentation material found in Manchuria and Russia, rich in organic acids and B vitamins that improves overall skin quality by enhancing smoothness, radiance and colour.

A product designed for the mature or dry skin that needs an instant boost.

It is especially useful to be massaged firmly into those areas more lined or hair line creased to provide a quick response that flatters whilst providing longer term benefits. 

Should be used before day cream application as a first treatment and again in the evening if ‘going out’.

Used over a 28 day cycle a visible improvement will be seen.

This very natural product is rich in moisturising and nutrient oils including all essential fatty acids to support the skin lipid barrier.

Vegetable Squalene combined with oils from sweet almond; rose hip and evening primrose provide smooth and economic slippage to refine those crinkles. With the touch of an emulsion this product has a fully lipid action and profile. 

A triple firming action is the key action feature of this speciality serum a true rejuvenating, moisturising and wrinkle preventing anti age treatment.

Remodelling of the skin is stimulated by contrac- tion of collagen fibres, elastic fibres are protected from enzymatic breakdown and free radical scavenging is undertaken.

With its quick relaxing effect the muscles are released from expression or tension lines.

At the same time a redensifying action commences which provides an influx of cells and collagen fibres to the dermis.

As a result wrinkles are ‘filled’ and are not so deep.

Hydrolysed wheat proteins and amino acids are the basis for this effect in conjunction with palmitic acid.

Easy to apply and use the product is PEG free with vitamin A and E and without parabens. PEG free.

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