Time Line Visage

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Time Line Visage

Ościem can be described as subscribing to Green Intelligence and therefore produces Bio-intelligent cosmetics such as Time Line Visage containing a patented extract from a tree that contains phytic acid, polyphenols, proteins, mineral salts and vitamins to help keep the skins heritage of youth. It smoothes the complexion and brightens the skin, providing a firm touch. Part of ageing is fighting oxidative stress and cross linking one cause of wrinkles. This extract protects our natural anti oxidant pool of cells. This is nature at work.
Luxury, activity and effect are combined in this super treatment cream. Designed for both premature ageing and chronological ageing this treatment cream has the touch of finesse that a performance cream should have.

You may feel your skin looks haggard, dry or looks more than its age. Then you need Time Line Visage which works over time to brighten skin and reduce the effects of ageing.

Beauty is enhanced by a skin that looks its best and a daily application of Time Line Visage is a must for those city and urban dwellers subject to modern stressful life styles and who vacation in extra UV climes or conditions.

A dry skin becomes drier to protect itself and an oily skin produces more sebum for the same reason. Heat and dryness are the enemies of skin indoors and out. Ościem applies Nature’s system found in desert plants that survive the most arid conditions to quench skin thirst and manage daily variations in climatic conditions.

Long term moisturisation and comfort is provided by specific plant sugars or oligosaccharides and other ‘survival fractions’ that are present in Tamarind and Resurrection Bush. Time Line Visage by Ościem protects against osmotic, heat and cold shock. The Crème is moisturising, softening and anti drying.

Ościem is a Natural range in the fullest sense but it is also a luxury brand because it uses natural materials that are of the very best quality, fitted for the caring process and technically crafted and proven, or natural scientific materials derived from nature, which our skin recognises and benefits from.

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