Velour Hand Treatment

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Velour Hand Treatment

People are often judged by their hands. It isn’t only feel of dryness or moisture in a handshake but the visual impact of dryness, flaccidity, age spots or plumpness due to moisture retention. Velour Hand Treatment is for hands that need care.

Hands rarely get the care they deserve. Many just use a cheap glycerine hand cream kept by the sink or in the car. Hands show age and care. It is not a visual matter. Hands are dry often cracked or flaccid with age spots. Hands should feel moist plump soft and look refined and smooth.

Ościem Velour Hand Treatment  is a rich and effective hand treatment with a touch like silk to nourish and care. In fact silk is part of its formulation which naturally includes vitamins D and E. A touch of mineral oil is included as there is nothing better as a barrier against moisture loss and to protect hands from environmental damaging factors.

The action of Ościem Velour Hand Treatment is based on the synergistic action of a biotechnological bacteria filtrate rich in growth factors, and two lipopeptides,  one containing a tripeptide fragment of collagen and the other a hexapeptide ― the spring fragment of elastin.

By favouring the stimulation of collagen synthesis, cell proliferation and metabolism, these actives restructures the skin and greatly enhance the firmness and tone of the hands by favouring the stimulation of collagen synthesis as well as skin fatigue by assisting in the restructure of the hands elastin fibres.

This Ościem Velour Hand Treatment does more than moisturise and protect. It goes a stage further in contributing the look of care and attention with a touch that is supple and soft.

Easy to apply and massage into the whole hand area without sticky residue.  Of course apply at Night but you would be wise if there is a problem to quickly apply in the morning after your day cream but do be gentle when you apply – a little goes a long way! 

What’s in the Name Ościem?
The name has its roots in the Slavic people and the Steppes of Central Asia. It has the romance and mystery of the Poles and Russians combined with the sensuality of the Tartars and Turkic peoples. It speaks of the Silk Road, Samarkand and the ancient Kiev. As things used to be when the senses were paramount and beauty appreciated. It takes us from Byzantium to Art Nouveau and on to Art Deco and there we stop in the age of glamour. 

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