The philosophical doctrine in biological science that pleasure does you good.

Pleasure promotes the healing process at an emotional level.

Without emotion there is no cellular life.


Sensism is more than Aromatherapy. Style Aroma is a stage beyond salon style Aromatherapy. It is not in the realm of Perfume or Medicine. Style Aroma is the world of sensational active aromas. Essential oils that touch the psyche not the body!

Sensism is a word used in a seminal lecture by Jan Kuśmirek to an informed audience of professional therapist drawn from many disciplines during 2006 in England. Sensism then a study at Universities is defined as the Ethical Doctrine that feeling is the only criteria for what is good. This brings into play the need to consider what feelings and emotions are and their origins. Sensism is embedded in all the Style Aroma products.

The term Sensism is in current use by scientists anxious to improve our well-being and conscious of the need to address the needs of the human as a multi-sensory being in need of stimulation in a modern sterile world. Style Aroma has adopted this word as its central concept.

Fragrant Earth essential oils and blends, in particular Style Aroma, are designed to bring about well-being. All the Style Aroma products in the range have the same direction or ambition – to bring about balance or harmony on a mental, physical and spiritual level in order to promote and maintain well-being.

The key is the reliance upon aromas - active aromas; manifest by the reliance upon the very best essential oils to scent the products. Sensational products because they appeal to and motivate our senses.

Essential oils have been treasured for millennia for the scent they provide and for the properties within the scent. Increasingly people, both lay and professional, are linking well-being with the need to make comfortable the three aspects of self:

Mind         Body        Spirit